DIY puppet making kit

Make sock puppets in your own home!


DIY sock puppet kit for you to do at home! 

These puppet parts have been made with love and are as good as they look! Sock puppets are the perfect size for children's hands. 


You can choose from a princess, wizard or superhero. 

The kit includes; 

- two socks

- all the bits and bobs to make the two puppets

- easy to follow instructions 




Each puppet kit sells for $20 (which includes two puppets)

Post $5 for up to 2 kits. 

Payment to be made via bank transfer. 

All kits are hygienically prepared. 


3-7 year olds

What you need?


How to order

Please order via email or facebook private message.


Details to provide: 

Number of kits

Puppets (princess, wizard or superhero)



Phone number

Two sock colour preferences (see photo below)


I will reply with my bank details and ETA for delivery.