Live online puppet show performances


With traditional performances and workshops currently not possible, Mrs Jo's Tiny Tales is now offering live online shows to bring the magic of puppet shows to kids.  


Performances run for 30 mins and includes your choice of stories from the list below. These stories are aimed at kids from 3-7 years old, but the performance can be adapted to include Bertha the chicken for children under 3. 


Each show is performed live and allows for the kids to participate just like a normal show.


To make your booking, simply enquire below and I hope this can bring smiles to many children. 


Take care x

PS. if you are looking for a craft activity please have a look at our gorgeous DIY sock puppet kits

Choose your own show from the stories below:

The Gruffalo - glove puppet

The Gruffalo is one of the world’s best-loved monsters. The award-winning story has continued to delight children and adults the world over. The puppet show includes all Gruffalo characters known from the book, a beautiful forest scenery as well as stage lighting. 

Magic Magoosy - glove puppet

This delightful and funny puppet show takes the kids into the fantastic world of Magic Magoosy, the very fluffy crow Magician. 

The Three Little Pigs

A shadow puppet show bringing the story of the three little pigs to the stage that are off to build their own houses. One is made of straw, one is made of sticks and one is made of bricks.

Which house will stand the big wolfs attempt to eat the little piggies for his dinner? 

Little Red Riding Hood

A shadow puppet show bringing the story of a brave little girl to stage. She's off to take her granny treats, but gets tricked by a wolf who has nothing but mean intentions for both of them. Good thing there is the hunter coming to help...


30 min



Min cost $100 for 30 minute show (two stories) or $20 per household with a minimum of 5 households and a maximum of 8 households. 


Payment arranged in advance via direct deposit. 



Mrs Jo's Tiny Tales would host an invite only secure online performance and share the link with the booking participants. The show is live and children participation is encouraged as always! 



We would love to hear from you either via the contact page or email directly



"The kinder children were amazed by The Gruffalo puppet show. Completely mesmerized. It was very engaging and had lots of audience participation. The children (and grown ups) just loved it. It really transported you to an entirely different world."


Penny, East Beaumaris Kindergarten