Puppet Shows

Healthy Living puppet program

Learn about "always and sometimes food", healthy drinks, the importance of physical activity and limited screen time.


The program is based on the five ways to a healthier lifestyle published on www.healthykids.nsw.gov.au.

The Story

Tom goes to bed grumpy. He is tired of his parents always telling him what to do. When he wakes up and realizes he is all alone he make lots of unhealthy choices. He gets all red and unwell and needs to go to the doctor. The doctor tells him about "sometimes and always food".

Luckily Tom wakes up and realizes it has just been a bad dream!


Tom`s Dream is a 15 min shadow puppet show which is then followed by an interactive group discussion on healthy lifestyle options. Children will group felted food and activity objects onto the always and sometimes side of life.



45 min


4-6 year olds